How to Choose a Full Boat Cover

full boat cover

Choosing the right full boat cover is critical. Custom-made boat covers are made to fit your vessel perfectly. They come with extra fabric for the sides and ample room for ties and hems. Make sure the panels span the width of your boat. This way, they will fit snugly over the curved, widest segments. Here are some tips to make the right choice:

Custom-made boat covers are designed to fit your specific boat and any accessories it has. They’re best for long-term storage and trailering, and are usually the most expensive option. Custom covers are the easiest to install, and last the longest. You can choose from thousands of patterns based on the model of your boat. They’re especially good if you have aftermarket customizations that you’d like to protect. But beware: custom covers do not protect aftermarket accessories or the boat’s paint job.

Full boat covers should be inspected every two years. Look for signs of wear on the fabric, especially the stitching. You can choose between bonded Dacron and unbounded thread. Some fabricators use PTFE instead. Choose the right thread type for your specific boat. Remember: a full boat cover will protect your boat’s electronics and upholstery from the elements while it is in storage. Moreover, it will keep the interior dry and safe from mold.

Full boat covers are made of polyester. Top-quality covers protect your boat’s interiors from dust, UV rays, and UV rays. They also cover your helm and seating area. Some full covers do not extend to the bow or stern, so make sure to measure your helm before purchasing a cover. You will be pleased with the result! If you have never had a boat cover before, be sure to ask a dealer for a quote.

While choosing a full boat cover, make sure you select one that is UV resistant and mildew-resistant. UV resistant fabric will prevent funky odors in your boat’s interior. Sunbrella and Stmoid are two popular brands for this purpose. Lastly, choose one that keeps your boat dry at all times. If you have a trailerable boat, you should consider purchasing a custom-embroidered cover. And don’t forget to check the fabric’s water-repellent properties.