Cash For Cars – Does This Program Really Work?

Cash for Cars, sometimes called Car Care Cash, is a new business in the used auto industry. Cash for Cars is an organization by Cash Car Clinic that lets individuals to receive money for their old damaged car without undergoing a vehicle inspection. The individual will need to fill out an online form, giving detailed information about the car and any damage. They will be required to pay an upfront fee for processing. After receiving approval for processing, the car owner will be mailed a check directly in the mail.

Cash for Cars has been providing free quotes for several months now. I signed up today and was happy to receive my check in the mail. I immediately tried to get some more information on this company to see if it was as legitimate as the website said it was. I found several negative reviews on the Cash For Cars website, all of which were extremely negative. It seemed like everyone who had bought from them had not received a decent priced car, and in some cases they had been scammed.

After narrowing down the negative aspects of Cash for Cars, I still wanted to get rid of my car. I decided to search for a local company near my home to conduct the inspection and title work. I decided to go with Cash For Cars because I was looking for a good offer price. Since the company offers a reasonable, though not the lowest price around, I figured they would have plenty of buyers. I chose a vehicle that I knew was in good condition and had above average miles remaining on the vehicle.

The next day I received a call from the Cash For Cars company. I told them that I was sold a vehicle, and I asked if they had given me a cash offer. After a brief talk, they informed me that they would match or beat any other offer that was presented to me. The representative gave me a pen with a check for an amount in my account. I was shocked when I saw the check, but since the company offered to pay cash, I decided to go along with it.

As it turns out, Cash For Cars offers a program that can save you thousands of dollars on your auto loans. They will also pay cash to any local buyer for any used cars. Although they are known as a “local buyer” program, they do accept cars from dealerships or lenders outside of your local area. This is not always the case. I had heard about Cash For Cars working with dealerships before, but never knew they would actually pay cash to local buyers.

What makes Cash For Cars so different from other cash for car buyers? First, they pay cash for your junk cars. You don’t have to worry about high finance fees and more. I even got to speak with one of their representatives before signing up for the service. If you are tired of paying junk car prices, but still having to pay for your vehicle, cash for cars may be the answer.

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