Revolution in the Automobile Industry!

Honda has claimed that they have used steels with higher strength than ever in their revamped Honda Fit Hatchback helping it gain huge rigidity. Aesthetics seems to be one of the prime considerations when it comes to purchasing cars. And, in the design of the 2015 Honda Fit Hatchback this demand is amazingly fulfilled.The 2015 Fit looks much larger in size than its predecessor though it possesses the same height (0.3 inches wider and 1.6 inches shorter). Its appearance is quite substantial and a dramatic glass-to-body ratio is observed in this car.

What Made It Attract Fame?

Flexible, fun and compact design – these are the fundamental features that make the 2015 Honda Fit Hatchback a must have one for the car owners. The new, more stylish look and the latest dashboard tech have been the reason for this car to gain positive repercussions.

Engine: This particular car comes along with an Earth Dreams engine having the capacity of 1.5-liter. This type of engine provides the car with immense fuel efficiency for being created with latest technologies. This four-cylinder engine uses the i-VTEC trademark by the automaker that provides changeable valve timings tech and also directs input in order to produce an appropriate torque of 114 pound-feet.It is matched with a six-speed manual transmission which efficiently sends power to the car’s front wheels.

Navigation system: The specific navigation system of the 2015 Honda Fit Hatchback features an entry which takes place without any key and the large red ‘Start’ button that is situated on the steering wheel’s right side. There is also an ECON button which is green in its color activates the Eco Assist feature of the hatchback. This button remaps throttle curves for larger fuel efficiency and also helps in illuminating a green backlight. This green colored backlight shown in the instrument cluster let the driver realise that he has been driving most efficiently.

Rear seat: The 60/40 rear bench comes with seat-backs which fold flat for accommodating bulky as well as long items. These at bases not only flip up but also lock into proper place and that open a huge space to accommodate tall objects. Car purchasers find this feature the coolest one. Also, a final tip, before you buy your next used car  ensure you perform a pre purchase vehicle inspection!

Could the 2015 Honda Fit Hatchback Live up to the Mark?

The redesigned Honda Fit should be called mankind’s hatchback and it has constantly been a reflexive recommendation since the budget fits almost everyone wishing to buy an excellent car. It actually emerged in the year 2006 and it grabbed the onlookers’ attention at the very first glance with its fun size. Till date, the old version of Honda’s this car has fetched seven trophies for the top ten best cars and three wins in comparison tests. So the redesign in 2015 has made people pretty much nervous about its fame. But it is needless to say that the bodacious, spacious cube i.e. Honda Fit Hatchback has truly lived up to the untouchable standard of the previous, existing one. Hence, try out the renovated 2015 Honda Fit Hatchback which has been pleasing both the car owners and drivers.

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